CMU International Film Festival

I attended the film “You’ve Been Trumped” directed by Anthony Baxter.

The film “You’ve Been Trumped” was an exploration into the American tycoon Donald Trump and the impact he had on the locals of Aberdeen, Scotland. He bought a huge amount of land to create a golf course which severely affected the Scottish locals. Locals were uprooted from their homes, without water and power, and thrown in jail for trying to document the changes they were seeing.This film had a lot to do with ethics and the treatment of people. We touched on ethics in class and how to treat the subjects you are working with. This film made me think about how so many people value someone with money. Because Donald Trump is so incredibly wealthy it was viewed by many as a completely acceptable act even though he was handling it in a very arrogant way. This film also helped me see the importance of independent film makers and their documentaries. The unhappy views of the Scottish locals would have never been talked about. Media like this opens our eyes into the reality of situations. At the end of the film a group of locals were singing the lyrics “this land is our land, this land ain’t your land” to the tune of the American song “This Land is Your Land”. This quote had the greatest impact just because it summed up the entire issue. These people’s lives were deeply rooted in this land and they felt they were being robbed by someone who has money.


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