Citizen Journalism

Citizen Journalism is written by concerned citizens that is intended to be shared to other citizens. The authors of these articles are not profressional writers.

In this article, a citizen writes about a car crash that occured in Dayton. A hit a run driver crashed causing a gas leak outside of a local high school. 10 families were evacuated while the street was closed but no major damage was caused and firefighters handled the situation quickly. Witnesses did not catch the license plate number of the driver.

This article was not major news that was shared across America. It was a citizen who was informing others about the incident. The writer was not a professional in anyway. This story was not in mainstream media which is why this can be classified as Citizen Journalism.

This type of journalism is important to a democracy. This story might not be relevant to all people however it is relevant to someone. Just because a news article does not make it on major news stations does not mean that it is not important. It is important that citizens feel like they can share information with others even though they are not a professional journalist. Citizen Journalism is a way for people to express their opinions on recent news or share local stories that are important to their communities.


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