Daily Media Use

Every day before I even get out of bed I am using media. I check my email, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook right there on my iPhone. It would throw off my routine if I didn’t do this each morning. I have become so used to having the media at my fingertips that I wouldn’t want it any other way. Throughout the day I continue my media use. Whether it is online on my laptop or iPad, you can bet I am using it. While online I catch up on the shows I have missed during the week and I often notice the popups on the side of my screen which might lead to me yet another opened tab. I get excited when my phone buzzes with a ESPN article or a CNN breaking news story. Media has become important to me. I feel so connected when I am using it. The way I started my day is the way I end my day. Each night before I fall asleep I recheck each of my accounts just to make sure I haven’t missed an exciting post.


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